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The Hosts

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The Pro Sports Podcasters are hosted by three Sports Analysts: Corbert de Ronde, Nii Wallace-Bruce, and Justen Williams.  Together they have a wealth of knowledge that spans a huge number of sports.  That's why their motto is No Sport Left Behind!


Nii Wallace-Bruce

Nii (NWB) Wallace-Bruce is a Cricket, Rugby, and MLB Analyst.  He has written for multiple websites, and also works behind the scenes in sports data collection.

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Corbert de Ronde

Corbert (Cobe) de Ronde is an MMA, NFL, and Golf Analyst.  He is also the owner/operator of the Cobe Life Golf social media group, as well as a contributor on multiple websites.

Justen Williams

Justen Williams is an NHL, NBA, and CFL Analyst.  He has been a regular on other sports podcasts, and is the star of the Pro Sports Podcasters Tiktok.

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