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Adam Silver prefers quantity over quality

As the title suggests, the current NBA is a talentless organization pulling from the depths of the G-League to help salvage whatever they can. Now, I’m not suggesting that players from the G-League aren’t talented, I just personally feel like they aren’t ready yet. Which begs the question, “why would anyone do this?”. Glad you asked, reader! Adam Silver - the commissioner of the NBA - is taking a hybrid NFL/NHL approach to COVID. As we’ve seen with the NFL, they don’t care, they will forever play. Satan could be re-entering the planet scooping people up by the thousands biting off their heads and ripping out their souls, and the NFL will still have the Patriots versus the Green Bay Packers at 8:20 PM eastern standard time. The NHL has postponed many games in hopes of not allowing this virus to spread through locker rooms; like mono through a frat party. So, what has the NBA decided to do? Postpone some games but then allow teams to have essentially no cap and sign as many G-League players as possible. Oh, for the record, nobody has been able to understand Adam’s reasoning for postponing some games while allowing others - it’s magical. Vegas should place odds.

Okay, but what does that mean to the viewer? Essentially, “get spent” is what it means. People paying good hard earned money are getting less than adequate results. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited to watch a new talent step onto the court, however not to say that they don’t deserve it, but they don’t deserve it. Let’s be honest if it wasn’t for the pandemic some of these G-league players would not be getting an NBA contract the way they are. That’s not anything on the players, this is completely on Adam Silver who is delivering a subpar product for a premium price. The Christmas day game cost around $9000 for a court side seat. With so many All-Star players on COVID protocol, is there even a reason to watch the NBA and expect an amazing performance? In conclusion, Adam Silver needs to stop having people pay high prices for low reward. Tickets should be 1/4 of what they are now, and every fans should get a t-shirt. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised Adam makes the players wear masks as they play, because, why not?

Justen Williams
Pro Sports Podcasters
NBA Analyst
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