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There have been two releases for UFC Strike and one Fandom release so far. A number of the Moments have obvious value and their prices reflect that. There are quite a few Moments being grossly undervalued though.

In this article I will identify the UFC Strike Moments that are not only undervalued, but also the most likely to have future relevance, and therefore the best investments.

Said Nurmagomedov 15-2

Series 1


Said Nurmagomedov has looked better with every fight. He is a dynamic Striker, a good grappler and has a significantly improved Takedown Defense. After the way he completely dismantled Cody Stamann. He might be only 2 or 3 wins away from a Title shot at Bantamweight.

His skill set presents a significant challenge for any fighter. That's a Fighter's Moment you want to have in your collection.

Justin Gaethje 23-3

Series 0


I shouldn't have to explain the reason for Justin Gaethje being on this list. He has a Title shot at Lightweight coming up, and his style of fighting is exciting to watch. His only losses are to former Champions or Title challengers.

He is a Striking specialist but has worked on his Takedown Defense in order to prevent Wrestlers from just grinding out decision wins against him. He will be a relevant fixture in the Lightweight division for quite awhile. He might even be the next Champion.

Jamahal Hill 10-1

Series 1


Jamahal Hill is the most speculative addition on my list. His only loss came against Paul Craig. He had his arm dislocated at the elbow by a truly gifted BJJ specialist.

Now in my opinion Jamahal Hill has all the tools necessary to challenge the very best in the division. I chalk up the loss to Craig as a learning experience. He won't make that mistake again. He definitely has the most to prove on my list but at $5 he worth the risk.

Jiri Prochazka 28-3-1

Series 0


Jiri Prochazka is exactly what you would expect a dominant Thai Kickboxer to look like. Next in line for him is a shot at the Light Heavyweight title against Glover Teixeira.

People were quite surprised when Glover beat Jan Blachowicz for the Light Heavyweight belt. Fans won't be that surprised if Jiri Prochazka is able to beat Glover Teixeira and become the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He is on a 12 fight win streak with only one of those wins involving the judges. Jiri Prochazka is a stone cold killer!

To hear more about Jiri Prochazka's upcoming Title fight, have a listen to our Interview with MMA Analyst, and Commentator James Lynch from Lynch on Sports.

Kai Kara-France 24-9

Series 0


Kai Kara- France has practically guaranteed himself a Title shot with the Decision win over Askar Askarov. Handing Askarov his first loss is impressive enough. How he did it defending Takedown after Takedown was just masterful.

What he has shown in his last two fights is significantly improved Striking, and possibly the Best Takedown Defense in the Flyweight division. No matter who wins the next edition of Figueiredo vs Moreno. Kai Kara-France will be ready and waiting for his shot at the belt.

One fighter I have left off this list who almost made it on is Bryce Mitchell. Currently at $9 on the Marketplace. Bryce Mitchell is undefeated, and looked dominant against Edson Barboza. Until I see him face a Top tier Wrestler I won't know how great he is really.

Which UFC Strike Moments are you most interested in? Is there anyone you feel I should have included?

Corbert de Ronde

Pro Sports Podcasters

MMA Analyst


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