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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The recent UFC Fight Night Volkov vs Aspinall had some direct influence on a couple Series 0 Moments. How do the results effect the future value of two specific fighters on UFC Strike. The two fighters I am referring to are Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett, and Ilia "El Matador" Topuria. Before I get into how these two Fighter's values have been effected by their performances, and why they will be interconnected from now on. I'd like to address a video I saw on Youtube by Chael Sonnen recently. It was primarily about Paddy Pimblett, but in the video he states that before this specific UFC event he didn't know who Ilia Topuria was. I find that difficult to believe. I know who Ilia Topuria is! Sure I am an MMA Analyst, but I am not nearly as much of an Insider as Chael Sonnen is. If you watch one of the first videos I posted on Youtube about UFC Strike I specifically list Ilia Topuria as someone Collectors should be targeting because he is undefeated. Topuria is a killer, and for Chael to say he doesn't know who he is was a play to downplay what occurred in London.

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UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION Ilia Topuria and Paddy Pimblett got into a scuffle at their hotel the Tuesday before the event. The reason for the altercation goes back to a Twitter conversation Paddy had with one of Ilia's friends disrespecting the Georgian people in 2018. Ilia had words with Paddy and it escalated. FIGHTER HISTORY Paddy Pimblett is 18-3 (2-0 UFC) and his UFC opponents are a combined 2-6 in the Promotion. Ilia Topuria is 12-0 (4-0 UFC) and his UFC opponents are a combined 11-8 and includes an Ultimate Fighter Champion. Paddy Pimblett fights as a Lightweight. 5'10" - 155lbs - 73" Reach Ilia Topuria fights as a Featherweight. 5'7" - 145lbs - 69" Reach FIGHT RECAPS Both Paddy Pimblett and Ilia Topuria won their fights by finishing their opponents. Paddy got the Rear Naked Choke finish in Round 1. Ilia Topuria KO'd his opponent in the second Round. It's what took place after their hands were raised that has the greatest effect on the future value of their UFC Strike Moments though. ILIA TOPURIA CALLS OUT "BLONDE BITCH" PADDY PIMBLETT! What makes this call out especially interesting is that Ilia's fight that night was at Lightweight. He took the fight on somewhat short notice when Jai Herbert's opponent dropped out. Jai Herbert is 6'1" with a 77" Reach by the way. Nothing proves you are more of a badass then going up a weight class to fight a significantly larger fighter and risk your undefeated record in doing so. I actually wondered what Topuria had to gain by taking the fight. After seeing what transpired during fight week. Then listening to him fully disrespect Paddy Pimblett to his home crowd fans after starching Herbert. I get it now. He was going to find anyway possible to get on that fight card so he could call out Paddy Pimblett. Call him out in such a way that to turn it down brings in to question how much of a "Baddy" Paddy Pimblett actually is.

TURNS OUT PADDY PIMBLETT ISN'T A BADDY AFTER ALL In the same UFC Strike video I state that I expect Paddy Pimblett to lose as soon as he faces some real competition. Well he himself pretty much agrees with me. He turned down Ilia Topuria's challenge saying he won't fight a top 15 guy until he makes more money per fight. Two problems with that statement. First of all to clarify Ilia Topuria is currently ranked 15th in the world. But that is at Featherweight. It was obvious that Topuria was challenging Paddy Pimblett at Lightweight where he isn't ranked. Secondly to get called a total Bitch in front of your home fans by the smaller fighter, and have him not only disrespect you but also your fans. Then duck the challenge. Are you a fighter, or are you just gaming the system to make as much money as you can before you are exposed?

Currently the Series 0 Ilia Topuria Moment is selling for $5 on the Marketplace, and the Paddy Pimblett Moment is selling for $21. Which one are you buying, and which one do you think will be worth more in the long run? If your plan is to try a turn a quick profit at the end of 2022 then Paddy Pimblett might be the better buy. It looks like the UFC is happy to promote him, and provide him with the easy opponents he wants to fight. It's very likely that Paddy fights 3 more times this year. Provided he doesn't get caught worse than he did in his first two fights, he should come away with victories against weaker opponents. That could significantly inflate his Debut Moment value. If you are in it for the long term like I am then I would much rather have 4 Ilia Topuria Debut Moments for the price of one Paddy Pimblett. Topuria is a true killer, and has the potential to be a Title Challenger at Featherweight. He is already more dangerous than half of the fighters in the Top 10 at Featherweight right now. Imagine the return on 4 of his Moments from Series 0 if he wins the Featherweight Title a couple years from now.


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