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Updated: Nov 27, 2022


So you signed up for the Sorare Global Cup. Their special Fantasy Sports tournament utilizing players from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Nicely done! You are probably getting a feel for what it's like to compete in Sorare Fantasy Sports tournaments already. I'm sure it's contributed to your enjoyment of the World Cup.


At this point you have learned about each player's average point value and assembled your starting team with the 100 points you were provided. You have learned how to set up your 5 player roster, and in this case assign a Captain. Now the first Matchday is in the books and you've had a taste of the competition. Hopefully you came away with some awesome rewards.

You will learn more as the tournament progresses but it only lasts as long as the World Cup. Then what? Well you've already got a Sorare account so you might as well take full advantage. Upon completion of the Global Cup your World Cup Common Cards will be converted into regular Sorare Football Common cards. So along with the additional free Commons a new Sorare Football account begins with, you can begin playing Sorare Football immediately.

Of course that isn't the only sport on the Sorare website. You also have Sorare NBA and Sorare MLB. Now it's the off season for Major League Baseball so there isn't much happening there. Sorare NBA is their newest product and you have an opportunity to be a part of it in its very first season. When you sign up you will be provided with 20 random Common player cards to get you going. That will include 1 Star Player you get to choose. That will provide you with enough to get started competing against others.

Before I get into what's next there are a few key things I'd like to highlight. I have become a huge fan of the Sorare platform. What has me most excited is the simplicity of their tournament system. I've tried playing Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball before and absolutely hated it. What turned me off was the unbalanced schedule. Constantly having to check how many games each player was scheduled to play in during the tournament window. Some players only had one game to accumulate points while others had three. It was just too much to keep track of. With the Sorare Fantasy Sports system it doesn't matter how many games each player plays because only your best single game performance counts. So you can start your star players even if they only play one game. I also like their prize pool system. At the FREE to play Common level everybody wins at least a low level player. When you get into the purchased Collectible NFT tournaments, at least a relatively high percentage of entrants will qualify for a prize. In the Sorare NBA Limited tournaments I compete in. At least 25% of the entrants will win a prize at minimum. And one other thing I like in comparison to other Sports NFT platforms is their New Card Auction system. Instead of buying a virtual pack of cards and getting players at random. Each Player NFT is released individually on an online auction similar to eBay. This allows you to purchase only the players that you are most interested in and even go after the specific Serial numbers you like. Of course there is a marketplace for you to buy, sell, or trade cards also.


At some point after being on the Sorare Fantasy Sports platforms you will begin to wonder if you should start buying NFTs. As a Sports NFT Collector I joined Sorare with every intention of purchasing Sports NFTs and playing in the Limited Level tournaments. Having already made a considerable investment in other Sports NFT platforms. I decided to keep myself on a strict budget for at least the first Season. To say I've done well would be an understatement. I have won far more than I expected. I find myself enjoying the buying and selling process each week more than I expected also. Selling off players that I've won or believe have peaked, in order to purchase new players I believe will boom soon is a fun part of the game. I started my initial team by purchasing 11 Limited Player NFTs. My Collection has grown to 25 Limited Player NFTs with a fair amount of them as a result of tournament prizes. Setting my tournament rosters aren't as simple as they used to be but I know every Game Week I have the necessary players to finish in the prizes. I just need to select the right 5 player rosters.

If that type of team management sounds intriguing to you then the purchased NFT tournaments might be perfect for you. Especially if you intend to keep playing for quite a few Seasons. Sorare has implemented an Experience based growth system that improves the Fantasy point totals of the Player Cards that have been used most. So if I keep assembling the same group of 5 players then by the end of the season they will provide a significant point boost leading up to the NBA playoffs. Hopefully Sorare has something special planned then.

No matter what you decide, I'm sure you will have a blast on the Sorare Fantasy Sports platforms. I will sign up for their MLB platform at the beginning of next Season. Until then I will be competing on their NBA Limited level and Common competitions, as well as the Common Sorare Football competitions. For Tips and Advice regarding all things Sports NFT related be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel

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