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The Denver Nuggets are NBA Champions, and the NFL Teams are beginning their preparations for next Season. The only active Sports NFT platform from Dapper Labs big 3 is UFC Strike.

UFC Strike has been very active indeed. With the launch of The Ultimate Fighter McGregor vs Chandler new packs were released. UFC Strike continues to have Collection, Burn, and Hybrid Challenges alongside every UFC event. I recently received my Dustin Poirier Fandom Moment for the most recent Challenge.

The only thing absent from the platform currently is the gaming Application promised to us by Concept Labs. The original plan for the Beta release was to occur in the second quarter of 2023. Well I'm writing this in late June so they only have 7 more days to launch. Now given that we haven't heard as much as a whisper about it the last couple months from Concept Labs. I'm not holding my breath.

Now unfortunately that has been the issue with anything Dapper Labs in the past. Delays, Website glitches, Poor decisions, and the like have plagued their platforms. NFTs are still relatively new to most people, and a number of Dapper Labs shortcomings can be attributed to that. Enough time has passed since their initial launch of NBA Top Shot that inexperience should no longer count as an excuse.

I was reinvigorated and excited when it was announced that Concept Labs was taking over control of the UFC Strike platform. A singular focus on one product instead of spreading available resources and personnel across multiple NFT platforms is what's needed to succeed. I just hope this isn't a case of transferring ownership from one inept group to another.

I will give them another month to provide us with some form of roadmap for the UFC Strike game Application. If I haven't heard anything from Concept Labs by August, I'll be sure to call them out.


Two of the Sorare platforms are still in full swing. I am setting weekly lineups on Sorare Football. Currently I'm dealing with an injured roster. Some weeks my rosters are decided for me with whoever is healthy.

Sorare MLB is in full swing and Pro Sports Podcasters host Nii Wallace-Bruce is applying his considerable Baseball knowledge to winning valuable NFTs.

As I had mentioned before the Sorare Sports NFT platforms are absolutely perfect for Fantasy Sports fans. They are also the perfect gateway platforms for anyone interested in NFTs because you can play for FREE!

Once you are comfortable with what NFT collecting or investing is all about. You can then choose to purchase specific NFTs of your favourite players, or build a competitive roster to compete with other enthusiasts. I dove right in because as a Sports fanatic and analyst it made perfect sense to do so.

Maybe I'll turn a profit, or win an NFT Fantasy tournament. Maybe I'll just build a Collection of my favourite Teams and Players to share and admire. Whatever I get from this, I know I'll enjoy the experience. It's like anything else fan related. The Community, connection to the sport, and thrill of the hunt is what keeps you engaged.


Corbert de Ronde
Pro Sports Podcasters
NFT Investor

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