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Updated: Mar 24, 2022

In this article I will highlight a few specific Moments that have a very good chance of increasing in value early next NFL Season. I will also provide an example of how the PSP Insider Market Control Group works as well.

I have had a few people ask for more specifics relating to the Market Control Group. I understand that some of you are very eager to get things rolling. Until we have a large enough group to really effect the Market. It doesn't make sense to make moves.

I will begin by identifying the specific Moments with real potential that are being overlooked. All prices were recorded at Noon EST on Sunday March 13. This article also operates under the assumption that the selected players won't have additional Moments minted in Series 1 that are Commons. I have a very strong suspicion that once the Replay drops are done. They will begin releasing new Packs maybe as soon as the March 15th Mahomes Teaser.


With so much attention being placed on how collectible Debut Moments can be. There are some great common Moments that can be had at a significant discount because they aren't Debut Moments.


- currently $5 Low Ask

- Debut Moment is a Rare at $285

- Diontae Johnson is the leading Receiver on the Pittsburgh Steelers

- Key to his success is his ability after the catch

Diontae Johnson is a truly great Wide Receiver. That's a fact that can't be disputed. He does come with a question mark at Quarterback though. With Ben Roethlisberger announcing his retirement we don't yet know who the QB will be in Pittsburgh.

In my opinion that doesn't matter. Unlike your typical number 1 Wide Receiver, Diontae Johnson does most of his work out of the slot. It can take awhile for QBs to synch up with their downfield threats. Any halfway decent QB shouldn't have an issue linking up with their Slot Receivers and Tight Ends.

This Moment is particularly interesting because the Debut Moment is a Rare. It is very likely that Diontae Johnson ends up in a Challenge early next season. With prices sure to increase when the season begins. Collectors looking to fill Challenges may not be too interested in paying up for a Rare. If all they need is a Diontae Johnson to complete the Challenge. This is the one they will be looking to buy.


- currently $6 Low Ask

- Debut Moment is a Rare at $135

- WR2 across from Ja'Marr Chase

- Gunslinger QB Joe Burrow

I am a true Tee Higgins fan. With so much attention on Ja'Marr Chase last season. You might have missed that Tee Higgins went over 1000 yards receiving with 6 touchdowns.

Ja'Marr Chase is a beast but you can expect him to face a lot of double coverage in 2022. That leaves the 6'4" 215lb Tee Higgins one on one with DBs. I would expect him to improve on last year's numbers, especially the Touchdowns.

Similar to Diontae Johnson his Debut Moment is a Rare. So when Challenges happen during the season, this is the Moment that Collectors will be after.


- currently $4 Low Ask

- only Albert O Moment so far

- currently TE1 for the Denver Broncos

- new QB Russell Wilson loves Tight Ends

First of all it's important to let you know that I am a Denver Broncos fan. So maybe this selection is a tiny bit biased but hear me out.

Russell Wilson has made Tight Ends like Will Dissly, and Jacob Hollister fantasy relevant. With Noah Fant shipped to Seattle as part of the Wilson deal. Albert O is now the man in Denver. Albert is exactly the type of Tight End Russell Wilson likes. A big (6'5" 258lb) target with sure hands that can block when need be.

There is a concern about whether the Broncos will add another Tight End in a Tight End rich Free Agency market. It wouldn't surprise me if they looked to add a cheap veteran for depth. I still believe the job is Albert O's to lose though. The Broncos are going to have to be wary of adding too much additional salary. Wilson is going to break the bank so budget players like Albert O on a rookie contract is what you want.

At $4 for his Debut Moment, and a chance to become one of Russell Wilson's top Redzone targets. It's an absolute no brainer for me.

If you are interested in listening to one of our NFL player interviews be sure to check out the podcast. Here is just one of the many with Tampa Bay Wide Reciever Cyril Grayson.


For this example I found the perfect target I would make a move on right now.


- currently $8 Low Ask

- Debut Moment is a Rare at $280

- Top 5 Wide Receiver

- Plays opposite Julio Jones

A.J. Brown is considered by most NFL Analysts to be one of the top 5 Wide Receivers in the league. Quick off the snap, physically dominant, sure-handed, and a beast after the catch.

This particular Moment is a Special Edition Common from the Divisional Round Series minted to 8500. The lower the Mint count the better for the Market Control Group.


Now here is where the real fun begins. There are currently 45 Moments for sale under $10.

So lets assume that we keep the Market Control Group to 50 members. Our actual goal is 100. But for this example we will use 50.

An email would be sent to each member with specific serial numbers to buy at a specific time. Now in this case I would actually send each member 2 or 3 Serial numbers. The reason being that at 89 purchases the low ask is up to $12, and by 111 it is all the way up to $13.

We will have effectively set a new floor of $13 for that Moment. Anyone looking to sell that A.J. Brown Moment in the next week or so will probably list it for at least $12 or more. In fact we can insure that they do!

The way we set the market is by taking the absolute highest Moments we just purchased and immediately list them for sale at $13. That way anyone looking to list their Moments are unlikely to have higher Serial numbers so undercutting us by more than $1 doesn't make sense.

Each Moment that subsequently sells will earn the Market Control Collector a small profit. Lower Serial Moments can be kept, or relisted at a decent profit using the new market low of $13 as the comparison point for price.

That's just a simple example. In my next article I will detail how our Market Control Group can become the bottleneck for Rare Moment Challenges.

If you are interested in joining the Market Control Group just Sign up to become a PSP Insider on the website.

Corbert de Ronde

Pro Sports Podcasters

NFL Analyst

Collectibles Investor
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