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As I had mentioned in our last episode. From now on our Episodes on Fridays will cover the Fight game. MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, and the Pro Sports Podcasters are right in the heart of it.

Now for fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship there's UFC Strike. The sports NFT that allows you to collect Highlight Video Moments from your favourite fighters. Match winning knockouts or Submissions plus exceptional displays of Striking or Grappling for you to Collect in limited quantities.

Something that currently sets UFC Strike apart from other Sports NFTs is their Champion Club. To understand what the Champion Club is you first need to understand NFT Rarity. Sports NFTs are to simplify it like digital sports cards. And like sports cards they come in a number of rarities. If you own an NFT of which their are only 10 of them that exist. It will obviously be worth more than an NFT that has 1000 copies. There are exceptions to the rule but generally speaking that's how it is.

UFC Strike has a number of Champion level NFTs. These are produced in a very limited quantity and only include fighters that have held a UFC Championship belt. As of this writing the least expensive Champion NFT on the UFC Strike Marketplace is Julianna Pena for $399usd. Owning any Champion Moment NFT automatically makes you a Champion Club member. For those of you that are wondering the most expensive Champion NFT on the Marketplace is Khabib Nurmagomedov for $2899usd.

So what does being a Champion Club member get you? I asked one of our followers on the Pro Sports Podcasters Discord what he gets from the Champion Club.


He sent me this list.

- Quarterly Champion Club member Drops (Free Packs or NFTs)

- Extra contest entries for UFC event pick'em challenges

- special access for tickets to upcoming events

- Champion Club gated Chats on the UFC Discord

- Priority placement in line for Pack Drops

- Entry to special events at UFC weigh ins, fight weeks, and Shows

Not too shabby right? For those of you in major UFC event markets. It would be crazy to not be a Champion Club member. Especially if you are in driving distance of Vegas. Unfortunately I'm in Toronto and it's been too long since the UFC have been here. Still I'm considering joining the Champion Club to take advantage of the Priority placement in line for Pack Drops, and the Free quarterly bonus drops.

Read my previous UFC Strike articles and you'll see why I consider it the most promising Sports NFT.

It's possible that it won't be long before Champion Moments reach a price point I consider too high to invest in. Of course if the values increase that's a good thing. Especially because I personally own 117 UFC Strike NFTs currently. Should I buy a Champion to become a member of the Champion Club? It's a tough decision considering I could buy 30+ NFT Moments from other fighters I like that are less Rare.

I'll let you know what I have decided to do at the end of the summer. Till then be sure to sign up to become a PSP Insider for more sports news.

Corbert de Ronde (Cobe)

Pro Sports Podcasters

MMA Analyst

NFT Investor

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