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Obviously once you've signed up, and don't worry the sign up process is easy and

won't ask for any personal information, or a credit card.

Your first step is to select your Team

You have 100 points to spend on 8 players. Your squad has to consist of 2 Forwards, 2

Midfielders, 2 Defenders, and 2 Goalkeepers. Out of those 8 players you will select 5 of

them to act as your active roster. The 5 must include a Goalkeeper, Defender,

Midfielder, Forward, and 1 more player of your choice that can be anything but a


The next step is to select your active roster each game period

The first Game period runs from November 20th to the 24th. So you will want to select

players that have easy matches or are just on powerhouse teams. For reference my

current roster looks like this.

My father is from the Netherlands so unlike

many of my competitors I didn't select Lionel

Messi or Kylian Mbappe as my main Forward.

I don't feel like I am giving up much ground with

my selection of Memphis Depay though. Plus

he costs fewer points when building your team

so I can afford better players at other positions,

like the best Defender in the world Virgil Van


My active roster is rounded out with Portuguese

Midfielder Bernardo Silva, French Goalkeeper

Hugo Lloris, and Cameroonian striker Eric

Maxim Choupo-Moting who has been finding

the back of the net lately with Bayern Munich.

Anyone who follows the game knows that's a stacked group of superstars. My

strategy was to select a primary group of star players to carry me through to the

next stage of the tournament. The risk I am taking is if anyone of those players get

hurt. My bench players aren't the greatest.

Then the next step is to select a Captain

As you can see in the picture your Captain earns you an additional 20% of

their Fantasy points. In this case I chose my Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris with

France because they are playing against Australia. Australia was the last

team to qualify for the World Cup and aren't anywhere near the level of

France. I would be surprised if they are able to test Hugo Lloris at all so

France should win this easily and not concede any goals. That equals a lot

of points for Hugo. Who you select and why you select them is up to you.

Remember to have fun. Don't be surprised if I switch my Captain to

Memphis Depay because he is my favourite player. Each Round of games

during the Group stages will have their own active team selection windows,

so you will have 3 opportunities to win awesome prizes during that period.

Then before the Round of 16 begins you get to add 4 players to your Team

After each Game Period your final ranking earns you prizes. The absolute top

finishers will win $$$ in the form of ETH crypto currency. Everyone wins additional

Player Cards though. Before the Round of 16 you get to choose 4 of the cards you have

won and add then to your Team. That way if you have players that haven't advanced

past the Group stage you can replace them with players that are still in it. I can't

stress enough that you select some players off of the top ranked teams in the


You get to add 4 more Player Cards before the Quarter Finals and before the Semi

Finals as well.

That's it, so what are you waiting for!

Prizes include $$$, NFT Collectible Cards, Signed Jerseys, tickets to games, and a Grand prize of a trip for two to Marseille France to play soccer with Zinedine Zidane!

Corbert de Ronde

Pro Sports Podcasters

Sports Analyst


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