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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

2022 Draft recap

This was my first time drafting first overall in this league and it was worth fighting for the 7th place finish. It was a great draft with quite a few surprises. At one point I had 6 players in my queue with 6 picks remaining till my next pick. One by one every player in my queue was selected before my turn arrived. I have never had that happen before. This is a 12 Team PPR Keeper League. Each Manager gets two Keepers and they begin on the squad. So essentially the first pick of this draft is actually Pick number 25. The first pick of the Third Round in Redraft leagues. In case you were interested in comparing ADPs. This is a perfect example of how what you expect in real drafts will never happen. In a Mock draft you see individuals testing out theories. Plus many Mock draft websites rate your draft so participants stick to the ADP very closely to score well. The real thing is always different as players do whatever is necessary to get as many of their top targets as possible.

The surprises began in Round 1.

- The first surprise came at the 7th pick of the Draft when Just Win Baby selected AJ Dillon. I heard at least 3 people gasp, and 1 holy shit at that pick.

- Before we even had time to collect ourselves teamskins1 selected Travis Etienne with the 9th pick which surprised a few more people.

- then the Round ended with 3 more Running Backs selected.

Round 2 would be dominated by Wide Receiver selections because RB was already getting thin.

- Plus this was the teamskins1 Round. With 4 picks this Round everyone was wondering what Kenneth would do.

- Kenneth turned those picks into Michael Pittman Jr, Mike Williams, Patrick Mahomes, and Courtland Sutton.

- The QB rush started in this Round also with Herbert and Jackson joining the Mahomes pick.

Round 3 the QBs start disappearing fast.

- teamskins1 definitely caught me off guard by selecting Trey Lance.

- like dominoes Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray soon followed.

- while that was happening two very unexpected picks happened. Bills Mafia selected DK Metcalf with the 26th pick and Stoniestars selected Dameon Pierce two spots later. It will be interesting to see how those selections pan out.

Round 4 was total chaos!

- The Swifts made their first pick of the draft and selected one of the last remaining top RBs J.K. Dobbins.

- I literally prayed the whole Round that Russell would fall to me and he did.

- The last of the second Tier Tight Ends all got taken. Dalton Schultz, Dallas Goedert, and T.J. Hockenson went fast.

Round 5 things got back to normal.

- Bills Mafia couldn't wait any longer and selected DeAndre Hopkins. At least he won't have him when we play each other in Week 3.

- this was the Round of good players on bad teams. Amari Cooper, Darnell Mooney, and Brandin Cooks all got selected.

- teamskins1 continued to select unproven players with high upside and selected George Pickens with the 57th pick.

Round 6 the remaining proven QBs came off the board.

- MVP Aaron Rodgers, millennial GOAT Tom Brady, and AMERICA'S TEAM poster boy Dak Prescott all got taken.

- there was also a few RB backup selections taken to deal with eventual injuries.

Round 7 had everyone fishing for value.

- Bills Mafia gambles again and takes Michael Thomas with the 74th pick.

- king Henry is betting all that money leads to a productive season for Christian Kirk.

- The Swifts went all in on the New Orleans Saints selecting both Jameis Winston and Chris Olave in that Round.

Round 8 Manny almost has a heart attack.

- King Henry absolutely ruins the Bills Mafia world by selecting hi Buffalo Bills defense with the 86th pick.

- Jonas doesn't want to see the same thing happen to his favorite team so he selects the Los Angeles Chargers shortly after.

- After getting the backup RB I wanted (Michael Carter) earlier in the Round. I take a flyer on Tyler Allgeier who I hope can become the goal line RB.

Round 9 things just get weird.

- teamskins1 does something I have maybe never seen before. Kenneth drafts a third QB by selecting Kenny Pickett with the 102nd pick.

- rookies get the love alongside Pickett as Just Win Baby selects Treylon Burks, and RuinRevelation selects Jahan Dotson.

- the first kicker gets selected, and of course it's record holder Justin Tucker by Bills Mafia with the 98th pick.

Round 10 is rookie and backup central.

- backup RBs McKinnon, Henderson, Robinson, and White all get picked.

- with White, rookies Skyy Moore and Garrett Wilson get picked up as well.

Round 11 the speculation continues.

- we start throwing darts and I start it off with Nico Collins. Captain Canada selects Alec Pierce two picks later. Followed by Stoniestars taking Zamir White with the 124th pick. Just Win Baby gets in on the action and takes Romeo Doubs. Then King Henry finishes it off with Christian Watson.

Round 12 there's still Tight Ends available?

- two Tight Ends come off the board in Round 12 with Stoniestars taking Logan Thomas, and Bills Mafia taking Mike Gesicki.

- I make my second favorite pick of the draft and select Michael Gallup to stash in my reserve spot.

Round 13 the avoided players get taken.

- in every draft there are a few players that everyone seems to avoid. This was the Round that Managers just couldn't resist it anymore.

- Teamskins1 took Russell Gage with the 150th pick.

- King Henry took Chase Claypool with the 155th pick.

- RuinRevelation took Jakobi Meyers with the 156th pick.

All in all a very fun and crazy draft. I had a blast and can't wait to see what the season will bring.

Power Rankings will be out next week.

Corbert de Ronde

Pro Sports Podcasters

NFL & Fantasy Football Analyst

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