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Soccer: Canada ready for San Diego showdown v USA in W Gold Cup Semi-Final

Updated: Apr 7

By Elias Laradi

Sophia Smith and Ashley Lawrence in the 2022 CONCACAF Championship Final.
Sophia Smith (#11) of the USA tries to hold off Canada's Ashley Lawrence in 2022 (Photo credit: CONCACAF)

Ahead of their biggest match of the tournament against the USA on Wednesday night Bev Priestman and Kadiesha Buchanan met the media on Tuesday evening to discuss the matchup.

“I think a game against the US looks different than a game against Costa Rica”, Bev Priestman said in her opening answer. “ We expect this US game to be very different and we have to impose ourselves.”

Buchanan echoed similar thoughts knowing what the US brings and bringing their best to try and win against the home team in their home stadium.

“I expect more of a challenge from the US”, Buchanan answered. “I think we need a whole team effort.”

The last time these two nations faced off in a high stakes situation was in 2022 in Mexico at the CONCACAF W Championship with the US winning in the final thanks to a penalty converted by Alex Morgan.

“These are the games that you love and it will be an exciting one”, Priestman said.

Canada wasn’t really tested during the group stage but had the unfortunate task of playing Costa Rica back to back and are fresh off surviving a match barely getting over the finish line to set up this rivalry matchup.

“I am always excited for these matchups”, Buchanan said.

“It is never easy against these opponents and they will bring a challenge that we need to overcome and that’s the exciting part.” - Canada defender, Kadeisha Buchanan

The US booked their spot in the semis with a 3-0 win over Colombia and while people expected a tougher matchup the South Americans were more concerned with playing head games and let the game get away from them.

Priestman fully believes playing the US is a totally different challenge than playing Costa Rica.

“I think when you're playing the US the patience and the frustration necessary isn’t the same game and we need to start strong.”

A strong game will be key for Canada to set the tone and adjust to a team that will be coming at them which hasn’t happened so far in this tournament in a dangerous way.

“We can’t over-hype the matchup and the US are who they are and we know them and they are a top team.”

Priestman will enter the game with the mentality of going for it guns blazing and fully believes her squad has what it takes to beat the US and book a spot in the inaugural W Gold Cup final on Sunday night.

“I want the team to go for it and I would rather die trying to do what we do but I do think us on our day believe that we can do what we need to do and beat the US and that’s going to be our challenge tomorrow.”

We also got an update from Priestman on Olivia Smith who didn’t play against Costa Rica and she confirmed she should be good for tomorrow and she is available.

“We just finished practice and unless I get an update she is available for tomorrow and no other injuries to report.”

Kickoff is scheduled for 10:15 pm Eastern time live from Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, California.


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