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The three UFC events in December include some very important fights.

Deiveson Figueiredo the former Flyweight Champion moves up to Bantamweight to face top Contender Rob Font. The outcome of this fight could really throw a monkey wrench into the Bantamweight division if Figueiredo wins. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though. Defeating Rob Font is no easy task. If Font loses this fight he may not be seen as a legitimate contender at Bantamweight ever again. So Font has a lot to fight for. Don't forget that Deiveson Figueiredo hasn't fought anyone other than Brandon Moreno since 2020. How will he adjust to facing someone else?

Khalil Rountree is on a four fight win streak in the volatile UFC Light Heavyweight division. Next up for Rountree is tough veteran Anthony Smith. Anthony Smith has fought the who's who of UFC Light Heavyweights from greats like Shogun Rua to Jon Jones. If Rountree keeps his win streak going he will have cemented himself as a true contender in the division. Maybe one more win after that could have him in Title contention!

My most anticipated fight of December is undefeated Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. Two fighters who are genuinely after the same thing. They're both fighting for a shot at the Welterweight title. Sure every fighter wants to win a Championship but these two have the talent to actually do it. What sets them apart is where they are in their careers. Shavkat Rakhmonov is on his way up, and he's been climbing the ladder in impressive fashion. 17 - 0 all finishes, and what makes that even more impressive is that he's never fought a fighter with a losing record. He has been wrongfully criticized for avoiding top competition. The truth is they've avoided him. Which brings us to Stephen Thompson. Wonderboy had just 1 loss in his first 14 MMA fights. Over his last 9 fights he has a losing record of 4 - 5. He has fought for the Welterweight belt and lost twice. The only way he'll get a third shot is if he can rack up a couple of very impressive wins. Ending Rakhmonov's unbeaten streak would be a good start.

Of course there are many more fights this month that matter in a big way. I didn't even talk about the Main Events of each Card. MMA is always evolving, and being aware of the story behind the fight makes the viewing just that much more enjoyable.

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