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What are Digital Collectibles? Well the most common type of Digital Collectible right now are NFTs. Your next question is what are NFTs? NFTs are Non-fungible Tokens. Like that actually clears anything up for you.

The term NFT is so confusing in fact that Starbucks has decided to avoid using it when referring to their newest Customer Loyalty program. Instead they are just calling them Digital Collectibles. They figured everyone knows what a Collectible is, and people understand what Digital means. Most of us have collected something in our lifetime. Whether it was Sports Cards, Movie merchandise, or Barbies as a kid. Maybe you're like me as an adult and still find yourself collecting something like watches, shoes, or Sports memorabilia. If you have the means you might even collect classic or exotic cars.

Well there are similar types of Collectibles available to you as Digital items. I for instance collect Sports NFTs. Digital playing Cards that provide me with the same type of Fan pride I'd get from owning a Rare or Rookie Sports Card of my favourite player. Only with a Digital Collectible you're able to also benefit from the additional bonuses associated with owning it. Some NFTs grant you VIP access to special events. Some can be used to enter you into gambling or Fantasy Sports contests. Some will earn you a commission based on the performance of the product it's associated with. Similar to any other Collectible NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded on an open market. So just like any Collectible the value of your NFT can fluctuate based upon its popularity. Not every Collectible or Digital Collectible is worth a lot of money.

So why collect Digital Collectibles (NFTs) in the first place? Well hopefully you decide to collect something because you love it. That would be the first and possibly the most important reason. There's also the opportunity to benefit from the additional utility or bonuses it provides. For example owning a UFC Strike Champion NFT gains you VIP access to exclusive behind the scenes Meet and Greets, parties, and events during each UFC Fight week. Personally I think that's awesome, but unfortunately I live in Toronto Ontario Canada so can't take advantage of it. If I lived in or near Vegas I'd own a UFC Strike Champion NFT for sure. Of course there's also the investment opportunity to consider. I have a lot of NFL All Day NFTs. For me NFL All Day is almost the perfect storm of a Digital Collectible. I am a huge fan of the NFL so collecting NFT Moments from my favorite players is awesome. I love Fantasy Football and every week I get to build a Fantasy lineup from the NFTs I own to compete against other Collectors for cash prizes. Plus Sports Collectibles always have an opportunity to appreciate in value depending upon the success of the athlete associated with it. Recently I purchased an A.J. Brown Legendary Moment limited to only 79 made. It's the first A.J. Brown NFT Moment created on the platform. Will it increase in value? I've had it for less than a month and it's increased by 50%. It's always nice to see your Collectibles increase in value but that isn't why I collect something.


I love watches. Personally I own 10 watches. Nothing too extravagant though mind you. It's not like I have a Rolex or Patek Philippe in my Collection. Even if I did I wouldn't expect my Collection to increase in value. I collect watches because I enjoy wearing them, and topping off the perfect outfit with just the right watch to match. I admire the craftsmanship that goes into making them, and in some cases the rarity of the watch. If all they were was an investment I wouldn't be interested.

Personally I collect NFL All Day, UFC Strike, Sorare NBA, and Sorare Football. I have stuck with Sports NFTs for now because I love Sports, Fantasy Sports, and Sports Gambling. These particular platforms allow me to take advantage of all that. If an NFT platform is developed that allows me to digitally collect another passion of mine. I will probably dive right into that too. I'm writing this article on a Tuesday afternoon and in the background I have been watching some of my favorite NFL players doing what they do best in my NFL ALL Day Collection. I'm a fan, and a Collector. Unlike traditional Sports Cards, my digital collection travels with me anywhere I go in my cellphone.


It's up to you but I did.

Corbert de Ronde

Pro Sports Podcasters

NFT Investor


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